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    Come on dance around
    Shine upon the ground
    From me to you

    Don't you know i'm strong ?
    I could win the world
    For you, for you

    Don't you ever cry
    I would stop breathin'
    For you, for you

    Don't worry life is easy
    Don't worry life is easy

    Have you ever fly
    Let me teach you how
    I'll do, I'll do

    Drive upon the mountains
    Dive into the moon
    I'll do, I’ll do

    Don't worry life is easy
    Don't worry life is easy

    Be my unicorn
    I'll chase all the dragons
    for you for you
    I'll build you a castle silver gold
    It's your favorite color I'have been told

    Don't worry life is easy
    Don't worry life is easy ...

    Don't worry life is easy ...

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    Jeudi 21 Octobre 2010 à 20:38

    Woah, cool ! Simple mais bigrement efficace. J'aime les couleurs ternes de ce temps maussade... je devrais venir plus souvent par ici moi, je loupe des trucs !

    Swa Profil de Swa
    Vendredi 22 Octobre 2010 à 01:38

    Merci miss ^^ (bouarf, ici j'y met un peut tout, mes ratés aussi ^^)

    Vendredi 3 Décembre 2010 à 10:56

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